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With over 18 years of experience as a  performer and teacher, Jack Mizzi is an inspired singer and vocal coach serving those who seek to achieve their true singing potential. Having worked extensively in a multitude of styles including Classical, Jazz, Musical theatre & CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music), Jack's unique teaching methodology explores many different disciplines which emphasise assisting and honouring the needs of the individual, whatever their ability or vocal style. This approach aims to empower and strengthen the singers joyous connection with the music that they love, as well as helping them to gain a deeper awareness of their voice and begin guiding them towards developing maximum vocal efficiency. Fun, humour and some rather silly exercises are also major components of Jack's teaching philosophy and this seems to create an extremely positive environment for learning. In addition, Jack's approach has proved to make students feel more comfortable and therefore willing to challenge themselves much further.

Jack is so passionate about what he does. He is a perfectionist to the point that his motivation motivates me to always do my best. He has a ridiculous breadth of knowledge in his field, which means that he can always come up with the right exercise or idea to match your particular issue or even the kind of day you or your body or mind is having.. He is fun and excited about teaching (even during a pandemic!) I love working with Jack

- Maria S

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The Larynx (Above)

'The only thing that is better than singing is more singing'


- Ella Fitzgerald

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